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Sedation Dentistry

Relax in the Dentist’s Chair with Sedation Dentistry

If you are anxious about going to the dentist, or you’re just plain scared of pain, needles, and the tools your dentist use, you are not alone. This all-too-common "dental phobia" prevents people from receiving necessary routine dental care, potentially compromising the health and functionality of their mouth and smile. A lot of patients suffer from this phobia, and that is why sedation dentistry has now become a popular option so you can feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your dental treatment.

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Sedation dentistry pertains to the use of agents, techniques, and sedatives to help you relax and establish an easy and calm state during your dental appointment. It enables individuals too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need while avoiding the common apprehension known as dental phobia. Sedation dentistry doesn’t necessarily mean sleep dentistry (except for IV sedation dentistry) because you do not sleep during the procedure, but because of the effects produced by the sedative, you may feel sleepy.

Sedative drugs (tranquillizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, etc.) can be administered in a variety of ways. To ease your fears, the choice is yours. You can either:

  • Take a safe and effective pill to feel completely relaxed during the procedure,
  • Opt for inhaled sedation/nitrous oxide gas to feel relaxed (and happy) while still being conscious, or
  • Go for IV sedation dentistry/deep sedation so you can sleep through the entire procedure and when you wake up it would feel like as if nothing happened.

One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry is that extensive procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in fewer appointments. It allows several dental treatments to be performed in one visit which saves you time and makes your dental treatment much more convenient for your busy schedule. Also, because sedation dentistry addresses some of the fears that keep people from going to the dentist on a regular basis, sedation dentistry patients are more likely to receive recommended routine care. As a result, they are less likely to neglect their oral health or allow oral health problems to build to the point when drastic dental treatments become necessary.

If you have a fear of the dentist or have avoided seeking needed dental care in the past due to fear or anxiety, we can help. Your comfort and peace of mind are our greatest concern.  Through sedation dentistry, you no longer have to be afraid of going to the dentist. To ease your anxiety and fears, we offer many safe sedation dentistry options to meet your unique needs. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment and want a healthy and beautiful smile call DentistPhone today at (866) 970-4192 and we'll connect you to local and pre-qualified expert sedation dentists.  We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

Call us Toll Free, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week at (866) 970-4192.

This article was written by Alice Torres.

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