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How to Find a Qualified and Local Dental Office

Finding a qualified and local dental office plays a crucial role in maintaining quality dental care, and is the guarantee of successful dental treatment. Finding dentists these days is really easy using the Internet, but finding a good and competent dentist and dental office in your area isn’t an easy task. As with any other job or profession, like it or not, the reality is not all dentists are talented, friendly, or open for professional development.

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In figuring out local dental offices in your area that will personally fit you, whether you’re just looking to get those molars checked out or those cavities filled, there are numerous ways to do this. Whether you’re moving to a new area, or just want to find a new dentist, here are but some of the top methods to choose from to help make the process of finding a good dentist less difficult.

  • Browse the internet

    One of the best places to start your search is online. When you search online, you'll be able to save time, money, and gas, and surfing the internet will introduce you to a myriad of dental sites and directories. You'll get the phone numbers to all the local dentists’ offices, plus you can see exactly where they're located before you drive over to them. These sites offer information on various dental procedures as well as lists of local dentists. Remember to examine specific qualifications like special experience and teaching appointments—and don't forget to consider how convenient the dentist's location is to your home or work.

    Websites like help users find local dental offices in their areas. All you have to do is type in your zip code and you will get a list of dentists close to you. For quick and easy access to a pre-qualified dentist in your area, you can call DentistPhone at (866) 970-4192.

  • Get a Referral

    The best way to find a good, reputable dentist is by referral, as word of mouth is still one of the best advertising medium for something or someone. You can try asking friends, co-workers, and family which local dental office they visit as they can be good sources of information about quality and inept dental care.

    You can also consider consulting cousins, your pastor, your gym workout buddy, your fellow volunteers—anyone who have steered you right in the past, whose judgment you trust, and who lives or works within a reasonable distance of the dentist's office. If you're seeking a specialist, try your family dentist for the best referral. If one of your friends has a nice smile, ask them about their dentist. Dentists love being referred and take extra good care of loyal patients!

  • Look in a Phone Book

    An effective but less popular method of locating a local dentist would be looking in the yellow pages of a phone book. In some places, it might be harder to actually find a phone book than it's going to be to flip over to the yellow pages. Surprisingly, these ancient phone number texts are still around. If you can find a phone book, or ask your neighbor to grab one off of the book mountain in his garage for you, try looking in their yellow pages for "local dentist offices." Your local pages can have dozens of local dentists listed in there.

  • Scout the community.

    Drive around town and keep track of signs posted that advertise a dental practice. See if the parking lot is fully or empty and check if the building looks well taken care of or neglected. These are not fool-proof guidelines, but can give you a glimpse and impression of their dental practice. If it appears to be a professional practice, call the office for details and make an appointment for the first visit. If everything goes well, continue to return for checkups.

    If you’re not happy with a dentist because of their staff, atmosphere, technology, or price, there is nothing wrong with going to another dentist until you find the one you are comfortable with. In the end, choosing a dentist is a personal choice, so it will all boil down to personal preferences. Local dental societies can also help you to find a dentist, especially if you are looking for a dental specialist, by providing a list of dentists close to your area.

Finding a dentist may seem difficult because it is an important and serious decision, but the payoff for your great efforts and patience is that you may be able to count on good service for years to come after completing a careful initial evaluation. Your teeth are important to you and it’s one of the most important tools you’ll ever have, so don't settle for anything but the best. For more dental care tips and to get the best local dentist, call (866) 970-4192 to be connected with a pre-qualified dentist in your area.

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This article was written by Alice Torres.

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